Everest International Education

Everest International Education
Placement Services
At no charge to you, we take the time to find the teaching position in China that best fits your unique set of skills and experience.

Because of our relationship with the Chinese public and private education system, both state-run schools and the quickly emerging private school sector come to us when they want American teachers. We've got the best teaching jobs China. 

By finding the right fit for you, everybody wins: you, your students, and your new school.
Finding the Right Fit for You.
Placement Services - Teaching in China
Advocacy Services - Teaching in China
Advocacy Services
You Don't Have to Go It Alone.
Moving to a foreign country, even for as little as a few months, is a big task. Luckily, you have help.

Your advocates will help you understand and negotiate contracts with Chinese schools. We help you with all the paperwork you'll need, including work visas. 

Once you've arrived in China, we continue to provide ongoing assistance, cultural training, and moral support. And should the need arise, we'll even help mediate on your behalf. All at no cost to you.